facilitate your painting

Some tips to facilitate your painting work


Preparation of material

Are you using a new paint brush? Pass it a few times on sandpaper and roll it between your hands to remove excess hair. In case you use a new roller, you must wet it well and then roll it on a piece of cardboard in order to wring out the roller well. To know the different types of rollers and brushes, visit the article on this subject

Avoid rolls

To prevent roller hits from being seen on the ceiling, work by looking towards the light source. As a result, you will see exactly where you have already painted. Also, whether it is on the wall or on the ceiling, it is better not to work too slowly and stop working until you have finished a layer.

Remove masking tape

As soon as you have finished painting, immediately remove the masking tape (masking tape). This way, the paint layer will not be damaged, as the paint will not have had time to dry. The best way to remove the tape is to gently pull at a 45 ° angle.

Store leftover paint

After work, what should be done with the excess paint? There are several options available to you, so in this article you will find all the details on what to do with your excess paint .

Between layers

Between each coat, it is not necessary to clean the material. Eliminate as much paint as possible on the roller and brush, and put them in a plastic bag that you seal tightly.

Use a container to dip your brush

If you paint with a brush, pour a small amount of paint into a container to dip your brush in. Dip the brush only halfway through the brush. Then remove the brush and wipe off the excess paint.

Ambient temperature

The ambient temperature must be between 10 and 20 ° C. The temperature can vary from one type of paint to another. When it is cold, the paint dries more slowly, and on the contrary, when it is hot, the paint tends to dry too quickly. The trick is to set the heater to the right temperature if possible.

Relative humidity

Relative humidity should be adequate, between 30% and 55%. If the air in your home is too dry, you can dispose of water containers in the room. In the other case if the air is too humid, it will be necessary to turn on the heating of this one.

Room ventilation

As for ventilation, avoid creating drafts. Dust is fatal and can literally ruin your paint job. It is therefore preferable to wait until you have finished your painting work before opening the windows in the room, this speeds up the drying time. Also, avoid opening your windows when it is wet outside.

It is true that it is economical to carry out work yourself, on the other hand it must be done well to avoid having to start again several times. From walls to ceiling, you will find various tips and steps to follow in order to paint a surface successfully on your own.

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