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6 Benefits of Installing a Handheld Shower


Installing a shower head and hand shower in your bathroom is a unique way to improve the space’s comfort and elegance. This modification may result in numerous benefits, including increased convenience and better water pressure.

While both wall-mounted and handheld shower heads have their own special advantages, if you’ve been using a mounted shower head for a while and are thinking about trying a handheld shower head, you might be surprised by the advantages they offer. A handheld showerhead’s adaptability allows for a wide range of additional uses and conveniences. Learn what a handheld shower is and the six benefits of installing one.

What Is a Handheld Shower Head?

A handheld shower head is a multipurpose shower accessory that may be mounted on a wall, handheld, or attached to a shower arm. It is usually kept secured in a bracket attached to the water pipe when not being used as portable equipment. These handheld shower heads include a flexible hose for easy mobility and adjustment.

You may ask yourself, “Why would I need a showerhead I have to hold?” Let’s explore why incorporating a handheld shower head into your bathroom is a smart choice.

Comfort and Convenience

A hand shower’s increased comfort and convenience is one of the significant advantages of installing one in your bathroom. By allowing you to customise the water direction and flow, handheld shower heads perform better than overhead showers and make it easier to access hard-to-clean areas.

A hand shower makes it simple to manoeuvre and manage, whether you’re bathing your pets, rinsing shampoo from your hair, or ministering to hard-to-reach body regions. You may also fine-tune water flow and choose from various spray patterns with hand showers, improving your entire showering experience.

Easy Cleaning

A notable benefit of using a hand shower in your bath is its ease of cleaning. The detachable head simplifies the cleaning process for the shower enclosure, bathtub, and other challenging-to-access areas. You can easily rinse away soap residue and prevent the accumulation of mineral deposits. Hand showers demand less maintenance, thereby ensuring the durability of your investment.

Handheld Shower Heads Are Perfect for Kids and Pets

Bathing your children or pets becomes simpler when using a handheld shower head. Children and pets can be quite fidgety, making it challenging to clean them with a standard shower head effectively. Moreover, given their shorter stature, the water from a fixed, wall-mounted shower head might not reach all the areas that require cleaning.

Using a handheld shower head, you can direct the water precisely where it’s needed without chasing after your little ones or furry companions. This allows you to concentrate on thoroughly cleaning them while maintaining complete control over the direction and movement of the water flow.

A Handheld Shower Head Cleans You Better

A handheld shower head enables you to achieve more thorough personal cleansing, ensuring you can easily access and cleanse every part of your body without any difficulty. You can aim the water stream precisely at the specific body area you wish to clean.

Furthermore, it provides the advantage of preventing soap from getting into your eyes. Traditional shower heads can sometimes lead to soap inadvertently entering your eyes, but with a handheld shower head, you can effortlessly keep those soap suds safe.

Easy Installation

A handheld shower head can be installed by a skilled plumber or individuals with plumbing expertise. They can serve as an augmentation to a traditional showerhead or as a replacement for an older model. While handheld showers might appear costly, they are a cost-effective addition that can significantly elevate your showering experience and improve the overall aesthetics of your bathroom.

Less Strenuous

While showering, the typical routine involves adjusting your position to ensure water flows over the desired areas to rinse off lathered soap. However, when dealing with soreness, tension, arthritis discomfort, injuries, or other physical limitations, this process can transform a routine shower into an uncomfortable and strenuous task.

Instead of contorting your body to accommodate the water streams, a simple solution is to extend a handheld shower hose and bring the water directly to you, eliminating the need for such movements.


Installing a combination shower head and handheld shower can deliver numerous advantages, including enhanced water pressure and heightened convenience. Moreover, it can elevate your showering experience to a more luxurious level, facilitating thorough rinsing. If you’re considering a bathroom upgrade, installing a shower head and handheld shower is a superb choice.

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