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Renovate or create your bathroom


Air quality, a priority in this humid room!

Humidity is the number 1 enemy in the bathroom. When creating or renovating a bathroom , it is therefore necessary to use water-repellent materials for this room, which are resistant to humidity, and to provide good ventilation.

Favor water-repellent materials

To renovate or create your bathroom, it is essential to use water-repellent materials, designed to resist humidity. This particularly concerns the walls, which constitute the “envelope of the room”. There are many possibilities: treatment of the walls – to be applied before laying the tiles -, lining or partition in water-repellent plasterboard. Easy to recognize, these materials are green in color.

The parts of the room subjected to water splashes must be covered with a suitable coating. Perfectly waterproof, the tiling is an effective protection to preserve the integrity of the premises.

Take care of insulation and ventilation

Who says humidity says risk of condensation. This physical phenomenon is very simple: the water vapor contained in the air turns into fine droplets when it comes into contact with a colder wall. It is in most cases linked to a thermal insulation defect of the exterior walls (and joinery). It also manifests itself when the ambient air is too humid, because it is not renewed. With humidity, mold, saltpetre and other fungi can settle and affect the condition of materials and the health of users. To limit this risk, plan to insulate the walls facing the outside.

Well insulated, the room must also be well ventilated. Install humidity sensitive controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV) designed for damp rooms.

Take care of insulation and ventilation

Note that replacing the exhausted stale air is only effective if the fresh air can enter the room. A simple gap under a door is by no means sufficient. In a bathroom, plan, in addition, to equip the window (s) with an air inlet grille. And don’t forget that the first instinct to have is to ventilate the room by opening the windows, ideally 10 minutes twice a day.

Bring warmth and well-being in the bathroom

Arranging a bathroom to make it a comfortable place of course requires good insulation. But in the cold and winter, this is not enough. The installation of a suitable heating system is essential to provide warmth and softness.

Think of the heated towel rail. It allows both the room and the towels to be heated. Pleasant out of the shower! To control your energy bill and enjoy a warm room in the morning, connect your heated towel rail to a programmable thermostat.

Also set up a cozy bath and shower area. Equipping your bathtub with a pretty faucet and your shower with a thermostatic column eliminates the need to mix hot and cold water yourself. With this type of equipment, you can directly choose the desired temperature and adjust the water flow. In addition, all models are equipped with an anti-scalding device, ideal with children.

Adapted lighting, various storage for your everyday products and accessories, integration of a sound diffusion system are all features that will also help to make your bathroom welcoming.

Think about the acoustics in the bathroom

The concept of comfort and privacy in a bathroom is valid for oneself, but also for the other occupants of the accommodation and the neighbors. Often adjacent to the bedrooms, the bathroom is a source of noise pollution when showering, drying hair, etc. These nuisances should be treated with particular care in couples with staggered schedules, if one has to wash before the other, or in families where adults prepare before children. To acoustically insulate this room and preserve everyone’s privacy, consider using the sound insulation solutions developed for walls, floors and ceilings: they will reduce the transmission of airborne noise.

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