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What to consider when installing a home AV system


Installing a home AV system

If you’re looking for the ultimate audio visual experience at your property, you’ll likely have considered installing a home AV system. Carefully selected and installed products can revolutionise your movie nights and gaming, but there are certain things you need to consider before getting started.

1. Choose your equipment wisely

Choosing the right equipment – not just the biggest or most expensive – is crucial for an optimal experience. Consider the size of your space when selecting a sound system, and decide whether it’s best suited to a TV or a projector and screen. If your room is small but you want a projector, consider a short-throw option that can be mounted closer to the screen. Speak to your provider about the best screen size for your seating distance.

With speakers, there are products designed for various uses, be it a home cinema or a multi-purpose media room. In-wall or in-ceiling speakers provide great sound without being intrusive, or you can opt for Artcoustic speakers, which can be colour coded to your decor. The system you choose depends on your needs and room size. A 5.1 speaker package will give you the greatest depth and nuance, while a soundbar bundle will provide the quality but with plug-and-play simplicity. Opt for a system that supports Dolby Atmos for the best possible experience.

2. Invest in Wi-Fi

A common mistake is to overlook the Wi-Fi setup in your home. These days, a good AV system will need a reliable connection and the bandwidth to deal with streaming, voice control and more. So when making a shortlist of equipment, research what kind of speeds you’ll need. A 4K stream uses around 25Mbps, for example, so you’ll need a download speed of at least 50Mbps.

3. Automate

For a fully immersive and hi-tech experience, automate your AV system. If you already have home automation, you can add your equipment to your existing setup; if not, consider using professional audio visual installers to complete the job. Experts who are Control4 partners can enhance your experience by enabling you to get ready for the latest film, game or series at the touch of a button. Your projector will emerge, your lights will dim and your speakers will activate in sync.

4. Consider acoustic treatments

If you’re really invested in achieving the best possible audio visual experience, consider using acoustic treatments in your chosen room. Whether that’s acoustic panels or paint, plush carpets or bass traps, you can enjoy optimum sound quality with materials and treatments that absorb or diffuse sound where required.

5. Professional installation

Even the most tech-savvy should consider getting a professional to install their system. If you’re in the south east, for example, choose an AV specialist in Kent with experience of fitting and maintaining systems for a range of needs. An expert will be able to ensure you’re getting the best value for your budget, as well as optimising the setup for your chosen space.

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