Commercial Cleaning in the Healthcare Industry


In the healthcare industry, the risks associated with unclean, poorly maintained equipment and facilities are much greater. Infections and cross contamination are two risks that are not typically present in other commercial settings. Therefore, choosing a cleaning company with experience in the healthcare industry will be essential.

It is not enough to have a clean facility. A planned and efficient cleaning program will help to prevent healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), and in turn, improve the health of staff and patients.

Look for These Features When Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Services for Your Healthcare Company:

Education and Training for Lifelong Learning

The staff should be trained specifically to maintain and clean a healthcare facility according to the required standards.

Standards & Regulations

If any, what certifications or standards does the commercial cleaning company adhere to? For peace of mind, look for a commercial cleaning company with an ISO 9001 Quality Certificate.

Integrated Support

Search for a cleaning company that offers integrated support packages, and add-on services. This will save you time and money.


The staff who access your facility should be familiar with the security and confidentiality that is inherent in the healthcare industry.

Dirt Busters understands that commercial cleaning is a critical part of healthcare. We are committed in a continuous improvement process and to best practices that seamlessly align with our ISO 9001 Quality Certification.

Dirt Busters also offers a variety of integrated support packages including Contaminated & Clinical Waste Management; Confidential and General Waste; Hand Hygiene and Paper Products, with complementary dispensing system, Security and Grounds Maintenance and Support.

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